How we were being set up

The Begining, the basis and the reason of all is SHE: The Long Range Rifle. The Rifle designed for accurate shooting on long distance was made mostly by US Armament Industrials like Sharps and Remington were in the second half of the 19th Century. There were going on two different types – the Sharps 1874 (which was continuously developed from the original breech-loading percussian rifle) and the Remington Rolling Block.

These rifles were used for military and civilian purposes, first of all were very loved by professional hunters. This weapon had to be a part of the aquipement of every buffalo hunter. This is the reason she got the nick-name „Buffalo Rifle“. She was a part of the important shooting contests between USA ans Ireland like Creedmoor Match.

This lovely piece of history survived up today for the never lasting popularity even for the beautiful design. Here is a lot of originals arround, but many armament factories have the branch producing the replicas.

Presently this rifle is used for hunting, but most of all due the sport purposes. There was presented Australian western movie Quigley Down Under in 1990. Exactly this movie started the iniciative on the setting up this kind of western long range rifle as a new sport weapon. US Fans from Forsyth Rifle & Pistol Club, Forsyth in Montana Teritory, inspired themselves of this movie and one year later in 1991 they have managed the Mathew Quigley Buffalo Rifle Match which is now the World most important shooting event of this category.

The roots of Pressburg Legends sport shooting club come out 2009 year, when very keen group of riflemen used this name® was getting started the shooting events. The club associates the lovers of Wild West and shooting sports. The Slovak team was taking a part at the first European event - Quigley Match Europe, what was held at Skarzsysko Kamiena, Poland, in 2013. The team got new experiences and inspirative ideas there, which flowed to starting on Long Shot Slovakia, held in 2015, the initial „zero volume“ offred unusual shooting adventure.

The aim of Pressburg Legends Club is to support and to advertise the long range western shooting. Also to offer at the fire range the relax, the active rest and a lot of adrenaline eventhough to wide-spreading basis for our members, keen fans, lovers and others concerning people of this attractive sport discipline.